Organic top                               Square top                                 Simple square top


Three different types. Choose between an "organic" look reminding of an animals face or two types of

square look tops. The latter you can choose how many holes you like to ad for swithes to suit your



   You can also order a kit comprising two or all three types. The ability to change outlook.


Prices.     The same price applies to all: 39 USD for a complete kit.

               If extra top plate is added there is 5 USD extra. There are also two types of locking

               plates for the ball joints. As seen down to the right in the pictures. One with

               crenelated edges. (impression of eyelash). And one with plain edges. The locking

               plates will be visiable on top of top plate. An extra pair of locking plates will be

               4 USD extra.


There will be cost for postage added upon the total amount.


For information contact at


                                                          Assembly instruction

       Here is shown how to assemble the things.


                                        Klick on picture to see larger version.


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