These are all cars that I have owned with the exception of the Lotus, it was my fathers. The first
        car, the Renault was owned by me and my brother Mats together. It was originally my fathers and I
        think we took it over about 1982. Click on pictures for bigger versions.



This car was called "small my".           Morris Minor Traveller. I fell in love         My fathers Lotus super 7.
This is after the caracter in the book     with this car. Unfortunately it was to         It was sold about 1970.
Mumintrollet by Tove Jansson.          rusty to renovate so I sold it.


              Volvo Duett                         Volvo Amazone and my brother           The same car. It can be hard to   
                                                          Måns. The car is a 1967                       watch out for all obstacles.                     


 Not a car. Norton Commando 1970.   Amazone Combi 1966.

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