Jädersbruk 2010

Jädersbruk is situated close to Arboga in the central part of Sweden. Arboga is located in the department of Västmanland.

This is the location of an yearly upcoming event: To gather and drive different vintage machines. Preferably machines older than 50 years.

There is also a handcraft market and you can try do some old cooking making your own coaler pancakes over open fire.

This is an old caterpillar type tractor. The make is a Swedish brand, Bolinder-Munktell.

I met up with Roger, an old friend now living in South America. There he deals with modern caterpillars.

Roger sitting down with parts of his family in picture.

Roger and Roger Junior.

Almost every machine is started a couple of timed during the day. Many machines have old engines that need to be warmed externally to start.


This is an old machine to flatten roads. Also a Bolinder –Munktell build in 1924.

Here follows a film were the machine can be seen in action, there is also the operation of an old aeroplane engine, I think a Wright cyclone, 1640Hp. That was originally mounted in a helicopter.


Film sequence. Here is a film sequence with two machines.




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